Holiday 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for gift giving – and who doesn’t love jewelry? whether it’s your mother, sister, friend or boss, here are some unique and affordable jewelry and accessory gift ideas to help make the holidays sparkle and glitter for the foremost citizen in your life.

Heart-shaped pendants. Gift giving is all about love – and love never goes out of style – so give your extra person a heart-shaped pendant this year. (Note: pendants in general are favorite this season.) You can find a wide range of heart-shaped pendants under 0, or if you’re in the mood to spend more, get one with the recipient’s birthstone set in the middle of the heart.

Holiday Gifting

Lock and key necklace. Another great pendant and necklace blend is the skeleton key or lock and key pendant with matching chain necklace. If you’re in a committed relationship, this is a great way to show him or her, “you’re theirs for keeps.”

Holiday 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Personalized jewelry. What’s better than receiving a piece of jewelry? Getting one with your name on it! How about a gold or silver necklace and pendant with the recipient’s first preliminary on it? Or a anklet charm anklet with charms that reflect the interests of the person you’re giving it to. Both these items will show that you know the person well, and took the time to give him or her something personal.

Rose gold anything. Once favorite in 19th century England during the Victorian era, rose gold is back and the go-to metal this year. Rose gold well an alloy that is created by adding small amounts of copper to yellow gold get the warm pink tone. Some citizen think that rose gold is more flattering than first-rate gold or silver, as well as more versatile – rose gold can be mixed and matched with other jewelry metals.

Trollbeads and Pandora bracelets. Bracelets with Trollbeads and Pandora charms are Another splendid way to give a personalized gift. Trollbeads and Pandora charms are colorful, ornate glass beads and charms available in many shapes and symbols. They come in 14k gold, silver or a blend of metals. A Trollbead or Pandora anklet can be as affordable or costly as you want if you’re on a budget, give just a anklet with a few “starter” glass beads, or go all out and buy a anklet for someone, chockfull of beads and charms that are personal to that person.

Winter-themed jewelry. Winter has its own stark beauty, and for a unique seasonal gift, think about giving winter-themed jewelry in white, silver and blue. A silver snowflake pendant set with a blue topaz is stunning, while crystal icicle earrings will sparkle like snow in the sun. There are many different shapes and styles, from snowmen to the Star of David, so think creatively about what the recipient will well enjoy and wear.

Holiday 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas


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