How to get the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald

How to get the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Emerald Video Clips. Duration : 1.93 Mins.

***PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING*** The Mystery Gift is this thing to get events wirelessy. To activate it you must first be at a Pokemon Event which comes probably 2-3 times a year at your local Toys’r’Us or Gamestop. Then you must have a wireless adapter plug into your GBA which comes free if you buy a FireRed or Leafgreen. Third, go to the event location, go to Mystery Gift on your game, and hit Wonder Cards, then Wireless Communication. It will then automactically activate and bring up your event(Wonder News is something completly different that I still figuring out), and you have your event. Although I will say that they probably have stopped making events for Emerald/Firered/Leafgreen for one because D/P been out for 2 years now, and Platinum’s here, and second because the last event I heard of from those games was a Mew Event back in 2006/2007 so get Platinum everyone, its easily one of the best Pokemon games ever! XD Hm Ok, Ive also been getting a lot of comments that say i cant get mystrey gift in ruby or sapphire. Mystrey Gift is only available in Firered/Leafgreen/Emerald/Diamond/Pearl/and Platinum. In Ruby and Sapphire its mystery event i think and to get that you need to go to the petalburg pokecenter(some people say you need the petalburg badge but i dont know) and there should be a dude beside the pc, go talk tohim and he should ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Fill in “Mystery Event is Exiciting”, and you should get the mystery event. I may make a vid



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