The ONLY Authentic Polar Express™ Bells!

The ONLY Authentic Polar Express™ Bells! Video Clips. Duration : 1.80 Mins.

For many parents and their children, reading and watching The Polar Express is a holiday memory they’ll cherish for years to come. After hearing her son ask for a silver sleigh bell from Santa’s sleigh, one mom, the Founder of Magical Bells, decided to make his wish, and those of kids all over the world, come true by bringing the iconic memento to life. This year, make Christmas morning even more meaningful by gifting a loved one with The Polar Express Sleigh Bell Gift Set™. As the only authentic, licensed and branded Polar Express Sleigh Bell Gift Set, they’ve gone the distance to create a product that evokes the nostalgia of Christmas’s past while being safe for little ones to play with in the present. Each heirloom quality sleigh bell is handcrafted from certified lead free brass materials and paired with a love note from Santa, a Golden Ticket and a soft bag and Polar Express gift box for storing. Academy Award winning actor and star of The Polar Express movie Tom Hanks exclaimed “It’s great!” and many parents have loved the sweet chime of its ring and how it’s helped their children continue to BELIEVE in the spirit of Christmas.



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