CM #136 – Fast and Easy Gift Envelopes for Stamps, Gift Cards, etc.

CM #136 – Fast and Easy Gift Envelopes for Stamps, Gift Cards, etc. Video Clips. Duration : 5.37 Mins.

Hello and Welcome 🙂 I am posting this a bit late for 2010, but maybe in 2011 someone will find this idea helpful. This project makes a gift envelope for a set of stamps, or a gift card. These gift envelopes will fit into standard small business size envelopes Size 6 ¾. The small business size envelopes are widely available (Wal Mart, Target, Dollar Tree, etc.). I have more about small business envelopes on my non-CM craft blog here and posted here: For this project: If you start with a 12×12 piece of cardstock, it will make 2 gift envelopes. Each envelope is 6″ wide. I made my envelopes 3.5″ tall, because my decorations are sleek. If you like “chunky” decoration, follow the directions to make a 3.25″ tall envelope. The extra ¼” will help it fit into the standard size envelopes. Here are the steps I used to make this gift stamp envelope: 1) Start with a 12×12 piece of cardstock. Medium to light weight cardstock is best. 2) Cut the paper to be 8″ x 12″ by cutting off a 4″ strip. (This 4″ x 12″ strip can be cut to 4″ x 11″ and made into a card very close to the A2 size card). (I am using my Creative Memories rotary trimmer to cut all the paper. I use the straight blade for the envelope, and the wavy blade for the envelope lables later on.) 3) Cut the 8″ x 12″ paper in half so you have 2 pieces that are 8″ x 6″. Now you have the start of 2 envelopes. 4) Find your favorite scoring tool. I like my Martha Stewart score board because it holds paper



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