2012 Hottest Corporate Holiday Gifts

Tis the season for gift giving! It’s that time of year to spread cheer and say thank you with a token of appreciation to your top customers, valued employees, even your key suppliers. A logoed item ensures that your firm will be remembered long after the gift is given. And if it is a useful and beloved item, you can be sure your brand will be seen over and over again. So, what are the hot items this year? We’ve put together the top 5 promotional ideas for associates to give this holiday season.

1. iPad Accessories. The iPad craze is not a phase, it is here to stay and changing the way we get data and communicate. Agreeing to a Fortune Magazine poll, Apple sold in the middle of 15 and 23 million iPads in the third quarter of 2012 alone. This growing population of users needs accessories to complement their beloved electronic. associates who put their logo on an iPad accessory demonstrate that they are progressive and forward-thinking. New promotional iPad accessories are being introduced often at assorted price points. If you want the most cutting edge corporate gift this season, make it an iPad accessory.

Holiday Gifting

2. Acrylic Tumblers. You’ve seen them in your beloved coffee shop, on the desk of a coworker and in car cup holders all over the country. Acrylic tumblers with straws in distinct sizes and edgy styles. With the populations growing environmental concerns and an increased focus on reusable drinkware, acrylic tumblers are a beloved sell trend. Add your brand to that trend, and give a fun and functional gift that won’t break your budget.

2012 Hottest Corporate Holiday Gifts

3. Blankets. Bringing your logo into the home is a great way to growth your brand recall rate. Blankets are the in-demand promotional item for the home this year. There are a wide variety of blankets and price points to think for your holiday gift. From outdoor picnic options to plush blankets that make you want to curl up on your couch, you can’t go wrong with a logo blanket.

4. Chairs. From the soccer field to the outdoor concert to the campfire, conveyable chairs are a necessity in practically every family. A great promotional item for practically every audience, chairs are topping the list this year. When your recipient pulls that much needed chair out of their trunk at his or her son’s next soccer game, you can be sure your firm will be remembered – in a good way! With a high perceived value, chairs are a go to item for the holidays.

5. Food storehouse Containers. Did you know that more than half of office-working Americans do not leave their desk for lunch? That means that these population are likely bringing their own lunch to work. Food storehouse packaging are a great inexpensive gift for whatever bringing their lunch to work on a daily basis. There are some super-functional new options for soups, salads, sandwiches and more. If you have a minute funds for your holiday gift this year, storehouse packaging are a great option.

Whether you rule to corollary the trends this holiday season, or come up with your own great gift idea, don’t forget to say thank you to those who impact your firm with a functional gift they will remember throughout the entire year.

2012 Hottest Corporate Holiday Gifts


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