Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Teachers at $20 or Less

Ahhh, holiday time. It’s when many of us convert out our fall wardrobe and get out all the sweaters, boots, hats and coats. It’s also that time of year when the kids will soon be out of school for winter break, and when parents are mental about holiday and Christmas gifts for the teacher.

Since teachers do so much for their students – providing supplies sometimes when the school cannot afford to, gift ease when a child is ill at school, helping students have a-ha! moments each day – many parents want to give a diminutive something to say thank you for all they do. Many parents wonder what items make the excellent gifts, especially when an apple on the desk just won’t do anymore. A few ideas:

Holiday Gifting

1 – A custom-made gift basket of candy, cookies, or other sweets. Everybody has a sweet tooth or is close to person who does. Why not give the gift of sugar to your child’s educator at holiday time. Don’t forget the Smarties!

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Teachers at or Less

2 – Stationery sets. Teachers all the time need to send notes home to parents, and probably have lots of personal uses for a dainty set of stationery. Think a set with envelopes included, in a construct that you feel for real matches the teacher’s personality. Comprise a pen and/or stationery warehouse box to give a complete set as a gift. The possibilities are endless.

3 – Gift card to a popular store. When cash seems too impersonal, gift cards can make the excellent gift. Many teachers love to read, and so bookstore gift cards can be pretty popular at holiday time. Just remember to beat the rush and buy in advance to avoid the long lines!

4 – Specialty coffee or teas. Caffeine can be the gift that keeps on giving, all throughout a cold winter’s day. Tins of unique herbal teas or specially brewed coffees can make a great gift for the educator who is often seen with a mugful on school day mornings, and (even though we hate to think of it), this gift can be re-gifted pretty for real too.

5 – Holiday plants. Think beyond the poinsettia and the amaryllis, and take a visit to the nearest plant nursery, where you’ll find a broad option of indoor plants and flowers to select from. Indoor plants at holiday time can make a great centerpiece, and in general add a burst of color to the home at a time of year when it might be needed most. Get creative!

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Teachers at or Less


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